Capturing Life Moments

As a person who loves to capture my own life moments, taking photographs has always been a true joy and passion of mine. It is an honor to work with my clients and their families and give them the gift of cherished moments... I am inspired by the love you see in the eyes of new parents, the big sister who reaches for her little brothers hand to hold, and just the simple moments when laughter fills a room.

The Beginnings

From early on I went to afterschool classes to paint and remember feeling free... I continued on to college with a Painting & Drawing major at University of Arizona. At school I decided to transfer to Arizona State University and continue my education in Interior Design and Architecture. As the years have passed I still enjoy Painting and Interior Design, but truly feel photography is my calling.

Zest for Life

Becoming a mother January of 2015 has far exceeded all of my expectations.  My joy and zest for life, although large before, has reached a level above and beyond and continues to climb.  My husband Miller and I are so lucky to have each other first and foremost and extending our family has just made the love grow.  Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of trying moments, but in the end it has made me a better friend, wife, photographer and all around just a better person.

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I cannot say enough about just how much I love Brooke. She is A-M-A-Zing!!! From the moment I saw her work, I knew she was the perfect photographer for my bridal shower and B-pics...


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